Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Quick Delish Microwave Breakfast

from our friends at Hungry

I subscribe to the newsletter, which is a resource for the Hungry Girl on a diet and/or budget, and today I received this little gem in my Inbox:
All American Egg Scrambler for easy cooking in the microwave!

Make sure you use a LARGE microwave-safe mug. The bigger the better. When the egg mixture cooks, it puffs up and rises. To avoid a messy microwave, you definitely want a mug that's tall or wide (or both!)Or just use a nukeable bowl! (I won't tell.)

Don't forget the nonstick spray. Before you add the egg substitute and other items, spray the inside of your mug (the bottom and the sides). Otherwise, your scramble may stick to your mug. No one wants that to happen...

Adjust the cook time as needed. Since microwaves vary, you might need to tweak the time it takes to cook the contents of your mug. (Case in point: When we use our cheapie Hello Kitty microwave, it takes longer than when we use our regular one.) Your egg mug is done when the scramble is mostly solid but still moist.

Soap and soak. After chowing down, squirt your empty mug with liquid soap, fill it with hot water, and let it soak for a while. It'll be much easier to wash if you do this.

Thanks for a wonderful idea chicas!! I will definitely be trying this (with real eggs) in the near future!

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