Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dollar Store Craft Day!

The Dollar Tree Haul of Saturday !

In this photo are :: several spools of ribbon, a large photo frame and beautiful gift bag for framing, a small black photo frame and an easel, some candlesticks and candle holders and glue, for gluing them together.

My mom immediately claimed this one. consisting of a bronzed candlestick holder and a mosaic votive holder, both from the Dollar Tree. For You guessed it! $1 each. I just glued them together with some glue (also from the Dollar Tree) and put in a tealight candle. This would look great in a set, but I only got the one, as an experiment. You better believe I will be going back to get more

I set the candle holder next to another Dollar Tree project in my Mom's room ::
A Flower arrangement , all ingredients, including rocks, flowers, stems and vase, from the Dollar Tree.

This is a little of the "fancification" of my dresser (which is a 1980's entertainment center made from ugly brown MDF which is about to collapse.)

Notice my lovely finds :: the beautiful etched glass container with the silver lid, is from BOMBAY, got it at Goodwill for $2.99. The back glass jar, which is pretty much a dollar store candy dish, holds my precious gemstones, such as Jasper, Tigers Eye, Amethyst and etc.

Also please notice the triangular easel Silver clock from BRIGHTON, which I got at Goodwill for $5.99. It's one of my newest prized possessions =)

The silver Tray and the black and white floral contact paper came from the Dollar Tree.

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  1. Fun! Dollar store craft day! :) Thanks for the link at the DSC facebook page.


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