Thursday, November 11, 2010

easy home air fresheners

Keep fresh air circulating

 in rooms (open doors, open windows, turn on ceiling fans).

                                     Use an air purifier

 with a HEPA filter to help remove toxins.

Change filters

 in purifiers, furnaces and air-conditioners often.

Throw out old food regularly

 as you write out your grocery list then clean your fridge with Antibacterial fantastik® All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Store odorous foods

 in Ziploc® Brand Containers or cover with a variety of Saran™ products.

Scoop kitty litter daily

 and avoid using any that is dusty or scented. Placing litter box in an unused corner or little trafficked room is best.

Install houseplants

 like bamboo palm or chrysanthemum to cleanse impurities from the air and circulate oxygen.

Keep comforters, carpets and curtains clean

 with regular maintenance.


 Oust® Air Sanitizer to kill 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria in the air. It helps eliminate odors from pets, bathrooms and mold and mildew.


 Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil in the kitchen, bathroom, or home office and enjoy the superior fragrance of scented oils.

Integrate vases of flowering lavender

 or small sachets of cedar chips into your décor.

When painting,

 wrap cleaning brushes and paint roller in Saran™ Premium Wrap or place in a Ziploc® Brand Storage Bag for reuse the next day.

Bathe pets regularly

 in distilled water and clean food and water bowl daily.

Fill baskets

 with aromatic pinecones or make a centerpiece with fragrant lavender branches.

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