Thursday, August 19, 2010

a foray into homemade cooking...

Im usually the LAST person who will take the time to make something from scratch. So today when I discovered that we had a full box of Jiffy mix, i got a little crazy.
I followed a recipe in my FREE Jiffy cookbook to make some cinnamon rolls. I added my own variety to the second batch, using some heated-up apple preserves, cinnamon, sugar & butter.
omg delish.
so then I thought about what I may be able to make for dinner with my Jiffy mix. I decided on a pot pie, pocket-type of casserole.

I mixed the Jiffy mix to biscuit directions (on the box). Then I flattened an approx 4x5" rectangle. I then put two heaping spoonfulls of the filling :: (Cream of Mushroom, Frozen Spinach, a Can of Corn, some Precooked grilled chicken, and garlic and other spices). I then put a top layer of biscuit mixture and squoze the edges with my fingers to create a completely closed pocket. (Be sure to leave a little opening so that your fillings don't burst out). I then cooked it in a preheated oven for around 30 minutes and it turned into a very impressive first attempt! I also added some Panko Breadcrumbs in the mixture, and halfway through cooking, some melted butter on top and a sprinkle of more breadcrumbs.

Some hot sauce or tomato sauce could be added for variations.
I gotta say, I'm proud of myself!

If you try this recipe, let me know! And also if you have variations you can submit that too :)

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